Platinum Portraits & Fine Art Photography: Blog en-us (C) Terri St.Arnauld & Frank Yezer 2017 (Platinum Portraits & Fine Art Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Platinum Portraits & Fine Art Photography: Blog 99 120 2018 People's Gallery Exhibition Opening - Fri, Feb 23, 7-9p at City Hall Curious Vietnamese boy (local) observes the westerners while eating his phoCuriousAt a favorite pho spot for locals, this boy curiously eyed the westerners.   Tomorrow, Feb 23, The People's Gallery 2018 Exhibition will open at Austin's City Hall. All work will be on exhibit through Jan 3 of next year. We have one portrait on exhibit on the 2nd Floor. (I believe it's in the City Manager's Hallway, out the elevator, past the conference rooms and in the hallway to the left.) The Artists' Reception will be held Friday from 7-9pm. We will be there and hope to see you.

The City purchases the People's Choice piece each year, based on voting that takes place through early December. You may submit one ballot for your 3 favorite works.

2 platinum still life prints, cut and interwoven; depicts a small vase of flowers, a large, embroidered combrero, a ladies' hat with a brim and band, a tiara, a ring and several vintage photographsFaux Flowers, WovenAn homage to Thelma, who loved hats   This summer (mid-June to mid-August), we will be part of a three-artist show in Texture Restaurant at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Austin with the Creative Arts Society. Five to six of our Woven Platinum still life works will be hung in the main dining room. This is located on the IH35 N frontage road, just north of where it intersects with US290 E. Exact dates are not yet known. Texture will be having the opening of their first exhibit this Saturday, February 24, 4:30-6:30 pm.

Terri St.Arnauld & Frank Yezer

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Fall Events This blog is used to provide details of particular events and projects. At this time, it is intended to be quarterly, though there could occasionally be a reason to post something within a shorter time frame. 

What's New Around Here

Seated Gestures, WovenSeated Gestures, WovenHand-made work. 2 distinct negatives used to make 2 separate platinum prints which are cut and interwoven. On Oct 4 through 29, five of our woven platinum portrait images will be exhibited at Link & Pin in East Austin with the Creative Arts Society. These are from our Implications II series. Each image began as a portrait made on a 5x7 film negative. Subjects were re-arranged and another negative was made. The negatives were each printed on a cotton paper, using our own platinum chemical formula. One image was cut vertically and the other horizontally, then interwoven to create the final image. An Opening Reception will be held on Oct 6, 6-8pm.

Lilies, WovenLilies, Woven Overlapping, on Oct 6 through Nov 5, 10 of our woven platinum still life images will be exhibited at ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, TX. These are from our Implications I series. Each of these images began as a still life arrangement made into an 8x10 film negative. Smaller elements were re-arranged and another negative was was made. The negatives were printed and woven, as above, to create the final image. An Artists' Reception will be held on Oct 28; we will give a brief presentation around 5pm.

Through Nov 1, three of our B&W images are showing at Cypress Grill in South Austin with the Creative Arts Society. The three works, depicting children, are hung in the main dining room. This Cajun restaurant is located in a small strip center on William Cannon Dr, just west of Loop 1/MoPac.

November is the last month to vote for your favorite three pieces on display at the People's Gallery at Austin City Hall. The piece with the most votes is purchased by the City. Artwork is located in atrium, hallways and conference rooms of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Our B&W portrait of a child is located on the 2nd Floor in the main hallway of the Council OfficesCatalogs, Voting Ballots and Ballot Box are available on the 2nd Floor, to the right as you step out of the elevator. The work is on exhibit through Jan 4, 2018.

Dec 2-30, we are taking over the walls of Mantis Salon in Central Austin with an overview of our work. The Artists' Take-over Opening Reception is Dec 2, 6-9pm. This style-making salon is located in a small house at the corner of Burnet Rd & 46th St.

Online Presence:

In addition to our website, we have participated in some world-wide group projects, including an article about an aspect of our still life series that we wrote for The Afterlife of Discarded Objects ( and an intriguing game called the TELEPHONE Project, played by creating art inspired by someone else's art, then inspiring another with the piece you created ( Both sites are interesting ways to spend a few minutes (or more) exploring art from a different viewpoint.

We hope to see you around!

Terri St.Arnauld & Frank Yezer

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What's New Around Here Our next event is on June 30th - a short talk we are giving at Austin City Hall, related to the People's Gallery Exhibition. Two other artists and ourselves will each be talking about how and why we incorporate symbolism into our work. The talks begin at 6:15pm and end at 7:00pm. The People's Gallery will be open from 6pm-8pm that evening, located in atrium, hallways and conference rooms of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Catalogs, Voting Ballots and Ballot Box are available on the 2nd Floor, to the right as you step out of the elevator. (City Hall Garage Parking will be validated for 2 hours of free parking.)

ArianeAriane We are exhibiting a portrait, titled "Ariane", at the People's Gallery, located in Austin City Hall, 2nd Floor, along the City Council Offices main hallway, #84. The exhibit opened February 24th of this year and will continue through January 4th of 2018. Voting for your favorite three works ends October 27, 2017. (Refer to previous paragraph.) Regular gallery hours are 8-5 M-F, excluding holidays. Contact us if you want to schedule a personal tour during these hours.

Doorway to DoorwaysDoorway to Doorways Uproot Literary Journal published our image "Doorway to Doorways" in Issue 4, Spring 2017  This publication deals with issues of displacement using written and visual means. 

The Afterlife of Discarded Objects featured our story of how "We Collect Things" and what we do with them. in their Featured Stories, October 2016 (10/8/2016)  Some of our artwork is included with the article and again in the Artwork section, without the story.

In May, we again participated in the WEST Austin Studio Tour. We enjoy seeing everyone who comes back to visit and see what we've been doing. We also enjoy meeting people who have come for the first time, coming from as far away as England this year. The Austin Chronicle mentioned us in their Daily Chrontourage blog as one of their Picks for the WEST Austin Studio Tour. Thank you all for stopping by. We hope to see you again.

If you haven't already seen it - or want to play with it again - check out Telephone: An International Arts Experiment.  It's a game of telephone played with artwork, all over the world. You can Browse works by Medium (Photography) or Location (Austin, Texas, USA); start with the initial "message" and follow it out to one or more of its conclusions; or just tour around. It was featured in the New York Times – Arts & Leisure section, Psst, Look at This. Now, Pass It On, published Sunday April 19 and Telephone: An International Arts Experiment by Nathan Langston, published online Thursday, April 16, 2015. []

The teaching/workshop calendar is empty right now; we've been taking care of some business and personal matters. If there is something specific you would like to see, please let us know so we can address that as soon as possible. We will notify you of any workshops added to the calendar.

Have a great summer and stay cool!

Terri & Frank

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July 2016 The platinum printing workshop last month was successful in that all participants had at least one good print and seemed to have a good understanding of the process and techniques.

This month we're working on some work for others and our own projects. (We're also trying to stay out of the heat but are not always successful.) Angkor Wat, CambodiaResting Midway - Angkor WatI love the serenity of this mother, who had walked a long distance and climbed many stairs with her two small children in the Cambodian heat and humidity .

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Platinum Printing Workshop – June 25, 2016 We are offering a Platinum Printing Workshop on Saturday, June 25th, from 9a-4p at our Austin studio. Basics of paper coating, printing and evaluation will be covered.

Cost: $350, includes materials to make up to 8”x10” of prints/tests. Additional materials can be purchased as needed.

Limit: 3 participants

Contact us through this website. 

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