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DURST L184 manual vertical enlarger w/ MANUAL CONDENSER HEAD
Designed for film formats from 35mm to 10x10", the enlarger will handle 10x10" and smaller Negatives.

Different lenses might be needed for smaller than 8x10
Masks will be needed for sizes other than 10x10 and can be made for little to no cost.

1 pc Durst Laborator L184 enlarger chassis
1 pc Platen, wood
1 pc Durst Condenser head for black & white, can be turned up to 90° for enlargement projection
1 filter drawer
1 pc Lamp-kit, standard with 1000W bulbs
2 pc Power supply cord, one each for lamp and fan
1 pc Exhaust fan
2 pc Condenser tray
7 pc Condensers
1 pc Condenser box
1 pc Crane 205 Negative Carrier 10x10
2 pc glass for negative carrier, not optical
1 pc Lens board
2 pc Lens holders/adapters
1 pc Lens box
1 pc Enlarging lens with cover, Schneider 360mm for 8x10 or 10x10 printing

Cash Price for the above……………………………………. $ 2,500.00 Please note that this price does not include packing/crating, shipping, delivery or installation.
Items can be picked up in Austin, TX.
Head, filter tray, 2 condensers & negative carrierBellowsExhaust fanLensLens, mount, box, platen5 Additional condensersBox for condensersBase