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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2013 was on April 28, which coincided with our participation in the WEST Austin Studio Tour. A friend of ours and fellow photographer, Spiffy Tumbleweed, agreed to come over that day to help people take pinhole photographs. He even brought Polaroid film and a camera modified as a pinhole. We supplied a black & white film pinhole camera. Photos taken 4/28/13 are posted on the WPPD site http://pinholeday.org/ looking under the group, WEST Austin Studio Tour#131, or under the city of the photographer.
People could take a pinhole photo with either or both cameras. Most chose the Polaroid, so the B&W film was used up the following Saturday during the studio tour. People chose to either take a still life, a portrait of others, or direct the taking of a portrait that included their self to meet the WPPD requirement to “take” the photo submitted. (The second weekend, this was not a requirement.) Subjects chose to try to remain still, purposefully move some part of their body or even trip the shutter, then move into the photo. Movements created the ghosting seen in some images. Image Information: Polaroid were 2 minute exposures; B&W were 15-45 seconds, depending on light. Long exposures tend to make Polaroid turn blue, and the fact that the film is no longer made means that all the film and chemistry were old. This created some dry areas, mostly at edges, where no image was made. All prints and negatives were scanned, then digitally manipulated similar to what would be done in a darkroom (dodging, burning, contrast.)
Bella by Lena DixonMom by Bella DixonUntitled by Fizza ArsuadBlue Peacock by Melina LarozaPenetrating Visions by Dean OzimkowskiBlue Jays Wearing Grey by Kevin O'LearyFrank's Backyard by PriyamvadaChiminea #5 by Cynthia GoodWEST Collaboration by Barbara BrownUntitled by Martha QuinnStill Life #1 by Terri St.ArnauldYellow by Frank YezerStill Life #2 by Terri St.ArnauldBackyard Landscape by Terri St.ArnauldUntitled by AnnemarieBears in Austin (2 guys, 1 girl in the middle) by Dennis Bacsafra (L.A.)Friends by Lynda Frost & Linda RosensUntitled by Bobby CurtisUntitled by Fizza ArsuadUntitled by Paul