Platinum Portraits & Fine Art Photography functions as an art photography studio providing portraiture and event services for its clients and training for those interested in learning photographic printing. We are located in Austin, TX and have more than 50 years combined experience photographing and 18 years experience managing our own darkroom. 

All black & white and platinum (brown & white) images on this site represent photographic prints scanned for use on the website; color images are usually digital. Images are meant to be representational of our work, not exact replicas. We feel that some of the inherent qualities and details of the hand-made prints are lost when scanning and viewing on a computer. Additionally, every computer/smart phone reads the file and displays it differently.

Our logo is a modern version of an alchemical symbol for platinum. Pt is the precious metal's symbol on the Periodic Table of Elements.

If you would like to discuss our processes, a particular image, see more of our work or inquire about training, please email us through the CONTACT link on any page.

Terri St.Arnauld and Frank Yezer