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Artists’s Statement

We have both always loved light – soft, bright, colored, moving, dappled (especially dappled), iridescent, artificial, but mostly natural light. It can give importance to something by putting it in the spotlight or by mysteriously or secretively making it all but disappear. It all starts with large-format film – the camera with the cloth over your head. Many of the still life items used are personal items; some are mementos from friends and family members or reminders of them. Portraits can include items belonging to or about the subject; some portraits are more personal and others are quite impersonal. These vintage-style prints become more cubist and modern with the incorporation of weaving which adds distortion, and juxtapositions of subjects, introducing a subject matter mash-up.
All prints are hand-coated platinum on 100% cotton rag paper. Woven pieces require two prints. Contact us for details.
[email protected]
Cactus & American BasketsCactus, WovenLilies with Lipstick CaseLilies, WovenDead Roses with Open BookDead Roses, WovenFaux Flowers with HatFaux Flowers, WovenMixed Flowers with KeysMixed Flowers, WovenRoses, Candelabra with Story StickRoses & Candelabra, WovenRoses with Shawl, WovenSunflowersSunflowers, WovenTulips in Ceramic - Woven

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