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All gelatin silver (black & white) work is shot on film, processed and printed by us, usually on fiber-based paper. The negatives, if large enough, can also be used to make platinum prints.
Frenchman with BeretLeah in Sun Hat at Le RocWoman in Hat - ArlesWoman in Big Sun Hat - MontmorillonCedar Chopper with Hat & CoatQuintin in Chinese Hat - MontmorillonJonathan in Beach Hat - Le RocJugglerBoxing Wine for the WeddingFrank at the Octagon - MontmorillonThe Reader - BarcelonaAt the Water's Edge - Le RocDinosaur at the CastleFishing from the Bridge - MontmorillonRiding on Dad's KneesTravelers at Rest - RomeTwo Women Sitting on StoneView from the CastleTwo Men Walking - MontmorillonSwimming at the River - St.