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Artists’s Statement

We have both always loved light – soft, bright, colored, moving, dappled, iridescent, artificial, but mostly natural light. It can give importance to something by putting it in the spotlight or by mysteriously or secretively making it all but disappear. It starts with large-format film – the camera with the cloth over your head. Portraits can include items belonging to or about the subject; some portraits are more personal and others are quite impersonal. These vintage-style prints become more cubist and modern with the incorporation of weaving which adds distortion, and juxtapositions of subjects, introducing a subject matter mash-up.

All prints are hand-coated platinum on 100% cotton rag paper. Woven pieces require two prints. Contact us for details. Terri St.Arnauld & Frank Yezer, Photographic Artists
512-658-5153 or 512-940-6033
Lost Again!Artists, WovenCouple, WovenSurprised, WovenHeidi & Kini, WovenSeated Gestures, WovenJudys, WovenNomad, WovenTerri & Frank, WovenArtists, CollageSurprised, with BookletNomad, Vessel on HeadGypsySeated Gestures, FacingCouple, Shirley FacingCouple, Paul FacingArtists, GazingJudys, K LeftJudys, S Left